Chilin Building Company was established in 2014 as a manufacturer and supplier of raw materials that encompasses design, customization, production, and distribution, and has been focusing on modern furniture design and developing innovative manufacturing methods for 9 years since its inception, with the aim of providing global B2B, B2C with the opportunity to embrace high-quality dream homes at affordable and low prices, and to become a global real estate A global real estate game changer. As a leading prefabricated home manufacturer in China, we have business partners in more than 30 countries in North America, Oceania, Middle East, Asia and Europe. Whether you are looking for a long-term prefabricated home manufacturer in China or ready to plan and build an affordable and customizable home, CHIlin is your best choice.

Architectural Aesthetic

Worried that prefabricated houses made in China are not aesthetically pleasing? Work with Chilin Building’s design team and you can rest assured. All raw materials, both indoor and outdoor, are analyzed and selected to ensure quality and modern aesthetics at the same time. This is what sets us apart from other Chinese manufacturers. We know that everyone’s aesthetic is different, whether it’s Ranch, Modern, Farmhouse, Cottage, or if you want to completely customize your collection. We can help you realize it perfectly.

Focus on reputation

Customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth are the most important points for our company, and thanks to this it has also led to the cooperation of builders who are willing to maintain a long-term relationship with us. No matter how big or small your project is, the service guidelines are built around you. From pre-sales consultation, providing free design solutions, production, delivery, installation and after-sales service. Ensuring the whole process is easy and smooth. In this regard, we are very willing to spend a lot of money and time to serve our customers in order to establish a long-term relationship.


With many years of experience in prefabricated house manufacturing and interior design, Chilin Building adopts the most advanced production technology and equipment, has a professional manufacturing team, and produces in strict accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, so as to provide high-quality, personalized and customized services for our customers, and to ensure that our products meet or even exceed the relevant standards and requirements.

Testimonials And Reviews