Quality guarantee

In today’s competitive market, there may be many products that offer low prices, but it is not easy to find partners that combine both. Chilin has always made it our mission to provide inexpensive and high-quality prefab homes, and we are committed to putting quality first and saving manufacturing costs by optimizing our supply chain and production processes. We pride ourselves on incorporating this goal into every product to achieve the perfect balance of low price and high quality for you!

Environmental certification

All building materials meet emission class E1 and have passed formaldehyde emission testing to the European standard EN 717-1 and meet the stringent emission standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Superior Performance

Compared to traditional wood-framed homes, our container homes and steel-framed prefab homes offer unparalleled hurricane and earthquake resistance. And they avoid the warping, shrinking, twisting, rotting, and swelling problems often associated with wood construction. We can even design and build with higher strength and harder materials to meet your specific needs. The most important thing is that you and your family are living in a home that provides a sense of security, even in the event of an earthquake or hurricane.

Quality Testing

All prefab homes’ module components and furniture parts produced in the factory are manufactured in strict accordance with building standards and regulations. Thorough inspections are conducted at every step to ensure product quality.

“Whether it’s a personal residence or a commercial project, we will provide you with the best choices at excellent quality and competitive prices. We look forward to working with you to create your dream home, where you can experience unparalleled value, comfort, and quality.”