2-story prefab homes

2-story prefab homes manufacturer

As land prices in busy locations gradually escalate, two-story prefab homes are becoming a popular choice for families who desire more spacious living space due to their excellent cost-effectiveness, spatial flexibility and quick construction. These homes are suitable for growing families or three-generation families, offering larger activity areas and diverse spatial layouts even with limited lot sizes, as well as giving even better privacy for your family members. Two-story homes cost less to build per square foot than single-story homes because they reduce the cost of purchasing the land and building the foundation.

At Chilin building, we specialize in prefabricated two-story modular homes structures, which are built prefabricated at the factory and then transported to the site for quick assembly. We can also customize to your specific needs to build your dream home to suit your tastes and budget.

Customizing 2-story prefab homes you need to consider

Before you begin your customization journey, you need to consider the following elements:

  • Number of rooms: This depends on your family members and whether you are adding rooms to accommodate visiting friends. Whether it’s 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms or even more, once the number is determined, you can come up with a basic blueprint of your home.
  • Functional layout: Depending on living habits and your personal expectations, you can add a large closet that your wife would like for the master suite, a home office for working from home, an entertainment area for interaction, an open kitchen and a living room for increased space utilization. In addition, a garage and storage can be added to your house plan.
  • Exterior: We build two-story modular homes to perfectly match the style and look of your desired home. Whether it’s modern style, farmhouse-style, craftsman style, etc… We can achieve the look you want with a variety of finishes. A deeper consideration is that you need to take into account factors such as local climate, natural light and ventilation, which not only determine the overall appearance of the house, but also the comfort and energy bills in the long run.
  • Accessory features: Provide additional areas for relaxation and entertaining guests by adding patios, balconies and courtyards.
  • Interiors: Welcome to browse our customization options, choosing different colors, textures, and materials based on family members and your preferences. Our experienced designers can provide interior decorating solutions and professional advice to your satisfaction based on your choices.

Upgrade Options

In fact, the upgrade option is one of the most popular parts of our customers. That’s because with us you can customize a more luxurious two-story home at a very affordable price. For example, a high-end kitchen cabinet set and kitchen island made of solid wood and marble countertops, a solar installation on the roof, a bathroom upgrade with a hydro-massage tub and smart toilet, custom leather furniture, tv cabinets, dining tables, etc. for the common areas.

Anything you can imagine, we will work closely with you to provide you with the best value upgrades. While these will come at an additional cost, we strive to keep prices competitive and reasonable, ensuring you get the luxury you desire without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Chilin for Your 2-story Prefab Home?

As a leading prefab homes manufacturer and building materials supplier, we are committed to providing our customers with a one-stop shop for customization and building materials at a lower price than our competitors. Whatever the design, production, satisfactory pre-sales to after-sales service, customization of interior movable furniture, customization options that cover all details of two-story homes and high quality building materials, the focus is on the customer to meet different purchasing and customization needs.

In particular, two-story prefab homes require more building materials, and we as a building materials supplier can fully transfer the cost advantage to our customers, reducing the overall cost of the home by at least 20% more intuitively.

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream Home Today!

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