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prefab ADU:The Perfect Space Solution

ADUs (accessory dwelling units) have always been the excellent way to add extra living space (400sq ft-1000sq ft) as a main house. Since these tiny houses have a variety of uses, they are also known by these names: “Granny Flats”, “Garden Suites”, “Mother-in-Law Apartments”, “Guest Houses” and so on. ADUs can also be used for rentals, permanent residences, studios or home offices if you can get a building permit from the local government.

The more convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to build prefab ADUs is making them increasingly popular. It also means you only need to build it for less cost and time. If you are looking for the best prefab adu contractor or manufacturer now, Chilin building is definitely the perfect choice for you. The reason is that we are fully capable of designing adu prefab homes that meet or exceed your expectations, depending on your needs and budget.

About our Durable and Customizable ADU Prefab Homes for Sale

As a manufacturer keen to embrace modern innovations, we dare to break with tradition. By using more expensive galvanized aluminum steel instead of wood for the home’s load-bearing frame, we provide greater durability and corrosion resistance, and greatly increase the life and safety of the home.

Whether your plan is to build a one- to two-bedroom ADU prefab home, or a two-story prefab ADU with a modern style look, each of our ADU Prefab Homes for sale has its own features and appearance, paired with quality modern finishes, smart homes and advanced construction techniques to create units that are both aesthetically pleasing and quality.

Why choose to build a prefab ADU?

Designing your prefab ADU with Chilin

To get started, you can design the appearance of your ADU based on your preferences or the architectural style of your main house. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team online for a free exterior rendering and design consultation.

Secondly, to get a more accurate understanding of your needs and expectations, we will organize a video conference with you. The experienced design team will design the layout and floor plan you desire within three days based on your requirements. During this time you are free to make as many changes as you like so that you can get a satisfactory design blueprint.

We offer comprehensive customization options, from the exterior to the interior, from flooring to kitchen cabinets. Many of the details, such as decorative panels and building materials, are handpicked by you. We can also customize your interior moveable furniture, such as beds, leather sofas, office desks and chairs, etc. We take great pride in turning every homeowner’s vision into a reality.

Why choose Chilin Building as your prefab ADU contractor or builder?

For an individual buyer, their main focus when purchasing and customizing an ADU is on quality and price. But the fact is that finding a right and trustworthy contractor or builder is equally important, as they can determine the successful completion of your project.

Chilin Building is one of the top 10 prefab homes manufacturers in China. We have successfully gained the trust of over 2000 customers with our superb manufacturing experience and industry leading customization services. We also help builders in different countries and regions to build their business and competitiveness, and become their long-term cooperative building materials supplier.

By joining our family, you will find that Chilin can do so much for you, including: design, production, pre-sales to after-sales service, custom interior moveable furniture, customization options that cover all the details and high quality building materials, etc. All of our services are customer-centric and tailored to your needs.

We are experts at building high-quality, low-cost prefab ADUs. The ease of transporting these small homes has allowed us to expand our B to C business, making us a strong contender in the field worldwide. Whether you are located in the United States – in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, or Sacramento, or in states like California and Colorado – or in a different country or region, as long as your location has a port of entry, we can provide customization and construction services to your satisfaction. Additionally, there’s no need for you to worry about the installation; we have well-established solutions to guide you every step of the way.

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Common Questions

Our prefab ADUs stand out because we prioritize modern innovations and durability. Unlike traditional ADUs that often use wood, we utilize galvanized aluminum steel for the home’s load-bearing frame. This not only ensures greater corrosion resistance but also significantly enhances the lifespan and safety of the home.

We share your concerns! That’s why we’re committed to using sustainable materials and green building techniques. For instance, we use low-VOC materials that have minimal environmental impact. Our construction methods also aim to reduce waste and energy consumption, ensuring our ADUs are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive customization options. Whether you have a specific architectural style in mind or unique interior details, our team is here to bring your vision to life. From exterior finishes to moveable furniture, we offer a plethora of choices to ensure your ADU is truly one-of-a-kind.

Absolutely! We have a global reach and have worked with customers from various parts of the world, including major cities in the United States. As long as your location has a port of entry, we can provide customization, construction, and even installation guidance to ensure your satisfaction.

Quality assurance is at the core of our operations. We have stringent quality checks in place throughout the manufacturing process. When it comes to international shipping, our ADUs are designed for easy and safe transportation, ensuring they reach you in impeccable condition.

Our competitive edge lies in our rich manufacturing experience, industry-leading customization services, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We’ve built trust with over 2000 customers and have established ourselves as one of the top 10 prefab home manufacturers in China. Our holistic approach, from design to after-sales service, ensures that we meet and often exceed our customers’ expectations.